Why Joe?

Joe chairing a meeting of the Southborough Historical Commission

Joe believes in the power of the possible. That means “no” should not always be the first and only answer.  He believes in listening to all sides, considering new ideas and then putting best practices into action.

Joe at a glance:

  • wants the voters to have a say in the disposition of our remaining agricultural lands. 
  • will explore our options for delaying the start-time for our middle and high school students
  • wishes to explore the creation of a Community Center using private funding
  • will use his negotiator skills to actively seek increased PILOT (Payments in Lieu of Taxes) from our largest nonprofit educational institutions, the Fay School, St. Marks and the New England Center for Autism. 
  • will spearhead the process of replanting trees on our streetscapes and removing invasives from DCR lands

Joe In Depth

  • Joe would like to explore creating a Community Center through public-private partnerships. Many communities combine public recreational facilities with their senior centers, which integrates citizens of all ages into the community. What are the options for Southborough?
  • Joe believes it’s high time we join communities across the nation in pushing back the school start time for our middle and high school students. Study after study has shown it’s better for the kids, and better for the community. Yes, it means rescheduling bus routes, extracurricular activities and much more, but there appears to be a direct link between getting more sleep and improvement in grades as well as and a reduction in tardiness and absences.
  • Joe supports the initiative to seek more equitable PILOT (Payments in Lieu of Taxes) agreements with our largest nonprofit educational institutions — Fay School, St. Marks and the New England Center for Children. When these institutions expand their campuses  and purchase residential real estate, more property comes off the tax rolls, in addition to the property already owned. Joe thinks it is only fair that multi-million dollar nonprofits contribute fairly to the town to support the services they use and the community in which they are a part. If elected, he’ll use his honed skills as a professional mediator to craft an agreement that is fair and equitable to both our educational institutions and the town.
  • Joe was one of the drafters of the Adaptive Reuse Bylaw for Historic Buildings, and knows from experience that there can be sensible partnerships between development and preservation. He also understands the overwhelming support voters have shown for open space creation and historic preservation, and would actively work to preserve the unique character of this town we call home.
  • As a life-long resident of Southborough, Joe is shocked at the condition of both our street-scapes and the DCR property in Southborough. The reservoir lands are collapsing under the weight of invasive bittersweet and dead and fallen trees. Southborough has replanted almost none of the street trees lost to recent storms. Joe plans to work actively with the DCR and the Planning Board on programs to restore our arboreal heritage.

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