Leadership That Listens

Joe Hubley discussing town matters with State Representative Carolyn Dykema


As a participant in Town Meetings all his life, Joe realizes that the recent surge in citizen petitions is symptomatic of a deeper problem—the disconnect many of our residents feel with their current town government. Unable to get a fair vetting of their concerns from our elected officials, they feel required to appeal directly to their fellow citizens.

If elected, the buck will stop with Joe.

For the first time in Southborough history, Joe plans to hold regular bi-monthly office hours at various locations around town. He’ll be available to hear your issues, and work with you towards resolution before problems get out of hand.

Joe also pledges to listen to the advice of our town boards and committees. These people, all of them dedicated volunteers, have worked hard—often for decades—in their respective fields and form a huge resource for the Board of Selectmen. Yet often, their wise counsel is totally ignored. Not so with Joe. If elected, he’ll form real working partnerships with our town boards and committees, to make we all benefit from this terrific source of free expertise.

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